Cosmic Computer 2013

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...About us

We are a husband and wife team totally committed to organic farming, venturing into a way of life very different from a lifetime of our professional careers.

Our farming methods are absolutely chemical free and eco-friendly. Cow is the center-point in our farming – cow manure, cow urine and other dairy products are widely used in every aspect of the farming and in our lives. Besides we use vermicompost  as manure. Our biogas plant uses cow manure and the biogas is used for cooking and for running the diesel generator as well. The biproduct of this plant is used as manure also.

As lifetime members of the Organic farmers’ association, we are able to exchange ideas with our likeminded co-members and have benefited by their knowledge in this field.

We ventured into the ‘homestay’ in our farm with an idea of providing a quite and peaceful vacation in this eco-friendly atmosphere to Indian as well as foreign tourists.  We have been running the homestay from 2006. What led us to start this is our passion for entertaining and to experience the different cultures of the world. Tourists from India as well as other parts of the world have visited us and enjoyed our hospitality and the peaceful atmosphere of the farm.

We welcome you to visit us and enjoy the true Indian hospitality!!!